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 Prefect Application

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PostSubject: Prefect Application   Prefect Application I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2015 2:11 pm

This is the application for the Prefect shiny. Students that are a fifth year at Hogwarts and above that wish to become a prefect, please apply. You must dance to my tune exactly or no shiny. Your sample post must be at least five paragraphs six to eight sentences long and it must be a patrolling topic or something to do with being a prefect or becoming one. I know five paragraphs are hard to write sometimes but it will determine if you get the position or not.

    Rules on becoming a prefect:1) You must be a fifth year or above 2) A prefect is assigned like in the books. 2 for each year with one male and one female for a total of six prefects a house.3) You must be active and know the sites rules well and be able to help your house mates out with any questions they might have.4) Don’t take advantage of your prefect abilities. Yes you can dock points and award them but don't be doing it for fun. If you see that a topic has a lot of replies and they are following the rules you may award five points to each member that is in that conversation. Any rule breaking and you may dock points. 5) You must have at least 15 posts to even attempt to apply.6) Lastly Prefects are there to help the mods and admins out. If you see continual rule breaking and have warned the person causing the offense, please inform a Head of House.Please Note: While normally there would be 24 prefects, there will only be 22. Depending on which houses the Headboy and Headgirl are in.

Prefect's Application
[B][U]Prefect's Application[/U][/B]
[B]Character’s name:[/B]
[B]Why do you wish to be a prefect? :[/B]
[B]Why do you think you deserve the position? : [/B]
[B]Sample post:[/B][/code]

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Prefect Application

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