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 Headboy/girl Application

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Headboy/girl Application Empty
PostSubject: Headboy/girl Application   Headboy/girl Application I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2015 2:11 pm

This is the Application for the top shiny badges. Yup, the Head Boy and Head Girl shinies. You students that are currently seventh years at Hogwarts and wish to try to apply for this position, please do. The next part you must dance to my tune exactly or no shiny. Your sample post must be at least six paragraphs long and contain six to eight sentences each. The sample post must contain a complete biography on your character though all their years at Hogwarts and what they have accomplished. Kinda long but it will help decide who will or won't get the badges and who really wants them. It is a hefty responsibility.

Head boy/girl is chosen by vote from the heads of house and the headmaster/mistress.

    Rules to Being a Head boy or Head girl:1) You must be a seventh year2) There is only one head boy and head girl per year in every one of the four houses.3) You must be active in order to get this position so that you can help run the prefect staff of your house and carry out all Head boy/girl duties. 4) Don’t take advantage of this position. If I hear that you are I will immediately warn you once to stop and then on the second time you will be revoked of your position and it will go back up for grabs to all other seventh years in your house.5) You must have at least twenty-five posts to apply for this position. (this WILL change one the site has been going for a while. This is just a starting off point for the first IG year)6) Lastly you can only have one character that is a head boy or girl  so that other people have a chance in trying to get the position.

Head Boy/Head Girl Application
[SIZE=1][U][B]Head Boy/Head Girl Application[/B][/U]
[B]Character’s Name:[/B]
[B]Why do you wish to be a Head Boy or Head Girl? :[/B]
[B]Why do you think that you deserve this position? :[/B]
[B]Sample Post:[/B][/SIZE][/code]

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Headboy/girl Application

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