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 Skyler Riddle

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Skyler Black


Skyler Black

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PostSubject: Skyler Riddle   Skyler Riddle I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2014 3:52 pm

Full Name: Skyler Nyx (Riddle) Black
Alias: Sky/Nyx
Date of Birth: December 12th
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Blood Staus: Pureblood
Allergies: Idiots?

Strengths: Sarcastic, sometimes playful, and often times cruel (depending on who she's dealing with) sense of humor, Cunning and creative minded, Manipulative
Weaknesses: Stubborn to a fault, Tends to be snappish and temperamental, Extremely prideful and haughty
Skills/Talents: Parseltongue, Either causes or attracts trouble
Pet Peeve(s): When people have the nerve to think they're better than her in any way, shape, or form
Quirk/Habit: Bites her lip when in thought, unsure, or nervous
Greatest Fear: Disappointing her parents or making them angry (What could be worse?)
Best Class: Transfiguration
Worst Class: Herbology (She finds it utterly boring, which hinders her in the class)
Best liked Class: Potions
Least Liked Class: Herbology
Best Liked Spell/Charm: Sectumsempra (She likes to see people bleed)
Least Liked Spell/Charm: Avada Kedavra (She thinks it's too quick and easy of a death, and no fun at all)
Freetime: Invent spells in Parseltongue
Patronus: Her patronus takes the form of a panther, and the memory she uses to conjure it is the first time her mother looked at her with pride when she successfully hit every one of her targets with her daggers during a training session with them

Personality: Treated much like royalty around those who follow her father, Skyler is an extremely proud and often times arrogant witch. Not without reason of course. With a dark and cruel streak a mile wide, and a temper that has the ability to turn deadly, the girl has all the makings of following in either parents' footsteps. Given everything materialistically, she is no stranger to getting what she wants, and sharing is not even a word in her vocabulary.

Being born to privilege comes with it prices however, and Skyler quickly realized that in order to be the best, she had to walk the walk and talk the talk. These she learned from her mother, and became as fluent in the haughty manners and demeanor as she was in Parseltongue. She also learned to share in her parents' sadistic natures, developing a sadistic side herself, and often enough was just as malicious and vindictive as either of them. But being the manipulative and cunning witch that she is, by the time she made her strike, it was usually too late for her target to do anything about it.

Paternal Greatgrandfathers: Thomas Riddle, Marvolo Gaunt
Paternal Greatgrandmothers: Mary Riddle, Hesper Gaunt
Maternal Greatgrandfathers: Pollus Black, Caligula Rosier
Maternal Greatgrandmothers: Irma Black née Crabbe, Elladora Rosier née Prewett
Paternal Grandfathers: Tom Riddle Sr.
Paternal Grandmothers: Merope Gaunt
Maternal Grandfathers: Cygnus Black III
Maternal Grandmothers: Druella Black née Rosier
Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle
Mother: Bellatrix Lestrange
Siblings: None
Godparent(s): Severus Snape

Family: Skyler was born to Tom Marvolo Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange née Black. Bellatrix was born to Cygnus Black III and Druella Black née Rosier. She is the eldest of their three daughters together, and her two younger sisters are Andromeda Tonks née Black and Narcissa Malfoy née Black. Bellatrix and Narcissa both married according to their pureblood upbringing and married into the Malfoy and Lestrange bloodlines. Their middle sister, however, chose to marry what was considered beneath her, and married a muggle by the name of Ted Tonks and was effectively disowned from their family.

Bella married Rodolphus Lestrange to satisfy an arrangement made between their families. As a pureblood witch, Bella did what was expected of her by marrying Rodolphus. But she held no affections or love for the wizard. Her one and only love was the Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, or also well known as Voldemort. The man had taken her on as a pupil of sorts, training her in the Dark Arts, and contributed to her incredible talents in them.

Tom, on the other hand, was a true half blood, born to a witch by the name of Merope Gaunt, who gave him the name of his muggle father. Merope had put the muggle under a love potion, forcing him to believe he loved her until she finally thought he could return her feelings without the aid of a potion. She was wrong, and he left her, never looking back, and Merope gave birth to Tom, living only long enough to name him after his father and her own, Marvolo, and deliver him to an orphanage. There he grew up, unknowing of his past, and his heritage, until he learned it all during his time at Hogwarts.

Personal: Skyler is more like a love child born to Bellatrix and Tom, rather than a product of marriage. And even then, the love might be mostly on her mother's side, while her father was more interested in an heir, so to speak. So an arrangement to provide him with a child was struck, and who else would be found more worthy to carry and give birth to his child than Bellatrix herself. Neither seemed entirely disappointed with receiving a female rather than a male, and Tom accepted her fully, and gave her his name, though for her own protection, she would be known as Skyler Black to the rest of the world.

The girl was raised in the pureblood way of life. While neither of her parents could ever be accused of being overly affectionate, or really, affection at all, Skyler never wanted for anything. From the time she was born she was drilled that she was the best, must always be the best, and everyone else was beneath her. Thus, the girl was overly proud and entitled by the time she was four, when her very first bout of accidental magic struck.

While Bellatrix favored the color black, toddler Skyler rather enjoyed colors. The end result was the young Riddle turning herself completely purple, which was her favorite color at the time, and still is. While most of the color changes were able to be reversed, her eyes refused to change back to their dark brown original color. So the girl had another thing under her belt that set her apart from the rest. It wasn't long after she had began to speak that Sky also showed signs of being a Parselmouth, the toddler making hissing sounds at her father's familiar Nagini by the age of three. But it wasn't until she was the age of five that the skill and talent really began to show and develop.

Wand: Elder, Phoenix Feather, 7 inches
Familiar: Eagle owl named Sphixias
Other: A locket that she's had since she was eleven and received her letter to Hogwarts. Her father gave it to her as a gift on that day.

Friends: TBD
Rivals: TBD
Allies: TBD
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Skyler Riddle

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