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 Jayson Dalton

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Jayson Dalton


Jayson Dalton

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PostSubject: Jayson Dalton   Jayson Dalton I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2014 10:41 pm

Full Name: Jayson Anthony Dalton
Nickname: Jay | Spitfire (earned from his father for being a rowdy baby back then) | Baby Jay (from his mother and others who find him adorable) | Pratfire (from his sister when he's obnoxious)
Date of Birth: May 05
Age: 6
Year: 1
Blood Status: Halfblood
Allergies: Wheat | Eggs

Likes: Photography | Martial Arts (hand to hand combat) | Sight-Seeing | Exploring | Sneaking into forbidden places
Dislikes: Being stuck in one place too long | Losing | Tattlers | Spinach | Strawberries
Pet Peeve(s): Getting tattled on
Quirk/Habit: Pops at the wristband on his wrist when he gets nervous, if this is absent, he tends to go for tugging on his arm
Greatest Fear: Total darkness, unable to see anything in front of you
Least Liked Class: Etiquette
Least Liked Spell/Charm: Furnunculus -- He's witnessed his father using this charm before. It was ugly.
What are you the best at? Getting into places I shouldn't
Freetime: See new things or take photos with his cameras
What do you want to be? A curse breaker! I've always wanted to travel lots and lots, and find amazing treasure!
Who's your hero? Why? My daddy! He teaches people all sorts of spells and is always willing to teach me too.
What do you do when told no? Accept the answer for now and find a way around it later. They'll cave... eventually... with some persuasion...
Your Place: My daddy's office, either at home or at Hogwarts

Color: Sapphire Blue
Animal: Gryffins
Toy: Merlin action figure
Food: Spaghetti
Sweet/Dessert: Pumpkin Pie
Drink: Grape juice
Spell/Charm: Alohamora -- The ability to unlock a door that is locked? Yes!
Class: Writing
Teacher: N/A for now
Family Member: His sister
Person: His big sister because she always plays with him when he has no one else to and always likes to hear about his adventures.

Personality:  Jayson is excitable, exceedingly so. Unlike his father, he has problems hiding his opinions and sometimes doesn't realize when and where something is appropriate. Then again this is primarily due to his age. He is adventurous and rules always entice him to find ways around them. He has the potential to be a Slytherin with his crafty and cunning ways of sneaking into places he shouldn't. Jayson is playful and rarely takes things seriously at the current moment.

Paternal Greatgrandfathers: Charles Dalton [97] | Royal Grayson [85]
Paternal Greatgrandmothers:  Colletta Roselot-Dalton [99] | Cheyenne Leonard-Grayson [88]
Maternal Greatgrandfathers: Terrance Cross | Kurt Pece
Maternal Greatgrandmothers: Isabella Ing-Cross | Brittany Hudson-Pece
Paternal Grandfathers: Malachi Dalton [67]
Paternal Grandmothers: Elizabeth Grayson [65]
Maternal Grandfathers: Marvin Cross
Maternal Grandmothers: Mackenzy Pece-Cross
Father: Jared Dalton - Professor at Hogwarts | Charms | Head of Ravenclaw
Mother: Aaliyah Cross-Dalton [32] - Ministry Worker | Auror
Sibling(s): Eliana Dalton [11] - Attends Hogwarts
Godparent(s): Unknown at the present time
Other: None at the present time


Mother: Aaliyah Cross-Dalton was born in 1988 to Marvin and Mackenzy in Victoria, London. She has lived there all of her life until her marriage to Jared in which she moved to Chelsea, London. She works as a ministry worker as an Auror currently and though she wishes this was not the case, is rarely able to be home to be with her children. As a result, Jayson (and before, Eliana) spent countless more hours with their father before his current job or with a nanny. Aaliyah was never a believer of house-elves (though she had one due to her pureblood father regardless of his squib status) so babysitters and cleaners were hired instead of the creatures. She named her son after her older brother, Jayson Cross, who is a travelling architecture for magical buildings.
Father: Jared Dalton's Profile

Wand: None currently
Other: Bracelet with charms on it from his father

Best Friend:

Sample Post:
Jayson wiggled, small wobblings lips forming into an indignant pout as he realized his problem. He, the oh so great adventurer, was stuck. Worst of all, stuck in a place he ought not to be! Like the attic of the house. With Lili at Hogwarts, mum at work, and dad at Hogwarts as well. The only solution was his currently atrocious babysitter, Vicky, who seemed to be completely useless and would no doubt tell his mum. Bugger it all!

Maybe he could attempt magic... But with what? Jayson looked around thoughtfully, bottom wiggling in a vain attempt to get free.
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Jayson Dalton

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