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 Jared Dalton

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Jared Dalton


Jared Dalton

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PostSubject: Jared Dalton   Jared Dalton I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2014 10:14 pm

Full Name: Jared Malachi Dalton
Date of Birth: August 1st
Age: 32
Former House: Ravenclaw
Blood Type: Halfblood
Allegiance // Why?: Neutral | While he does not side with Voldemort, he does not wish to actively fight against him for fear of his family's safety. He wants a brighter future for his children, but knows he cannot stop the dark. Thus, he sits at the sidelines and prays his children never try to go against Voldemort.

Strengths: Charms | Hand to Hand Combat | Occulumency
Weaknesses: Severely allergic to nuts | Can't Hold his Liquour | Overly-protective of Jayson who is his youngest
Patronus: OWL | the memory of proposing to Aaliyah and her accepting his hand in marriage. He had spent nearly a year before he'd mustered up the courage to propose to her.
Boggart: Three dead bodies; his wife, son, and daughter. There really is no need to explain this scene, as his family is everything to him
Personality: Jared Dalton is an easy-going family man. He can be just as short-tempered as any parent and just as impatient when it comes to his kids. However, he is a collected man who has an endless thirst for knowledge and never hesitates to pass this knowledge on to his growing wizard son. He is protective and this makes him wary of those who inquire about his children, but he's also proud of them and enjoys talking about his kids' antics. Jared is nicknamed Red from his childhood; he was an angry child back then and could be seen as the kid to stay away from. As an adult, he's majorly mellowed out in due to his wife and being a professor.

Paternal Grandfather: Charles Dalton [97]
Paternal Grandmother: Colletta Roselot-Dalton [99]
Maternal Grandfather: Royal Grayson [85]
Maternal Grandmother: Cheyenne Leonard-Grayson [88]
Father: Malachi Dalton [67]
Mother: Elizabeth Grayson [65]
Siblings: Abigail Dalton-Brown [45]
Spouse/Partner: Aaliyah Cross-Dalton [32]
Children: Biological : Jayson Dalton [6] | Eliana Dalton [11]
Other: Elliot Brown Brother in Law | Warren & Eloise Brown Niece & Nephew | Asher Dalton Uncle | Mackenzy Pece-Cross Mother in Law |Marvin Cross Father in Law | Jayson Cross Brother in Law.


Family: Malachi Dalton was born in 1953 to Charles and Colletta. He was born and raised in a small town of California, United States with a pureblood's standard upbringing. He had a brother, Asher Dalton, who was discovered to be a squib when Malachi was 8 and Asher 11. That was the last time he'd honestly seen his brother, the day of Asher's birthday. To the day, Malachi is unaware of his parents' reaction or what exactly happened to Asher. His parents were firm believers in purity as was normal in those times, though not outwardly against muggles as America was very diverse and a melting pot of differences. He has some Irish blood in him, as he'd been told. Malachi attended a private wizarding boarding school from ages 11 to 18 when he graduated and sought to work on being fluent in different languages, enjoying the sensation of travel. From his french mother, Colletta had taught him french from his younger years and it was in his time in France later on that he met his soon to be wife, Elizabeth Grayson. Malachi at the time had gotten a job as a Wizarding tutor in France during the time, meeting Elizabeth (Or Liza as she'd called herself) at the age of 19 before he asked for her hand in marriage.

Elizabeth Grayson-Dalton was born in 1955 to Royal and Cheyenne. She was born in the older parts of Paris, France as an only child. Liza, as she'd been called, was educated at a very fine private school and had dreams of being a nurse for a hospital until her 11th birthday. Her parents were supportive of her and she attended Beauxbatons for her entire witch education. Instead of being a nurse, she sought to be a Healer to both worlds. Graduating with the third highest grades, Liza was able to nab an internship to a man who was both a muggle doctor and a healer. It was during her internship that she met Malachi while she was 21. She has not quit her dream and continued until she earned her credentials.

The couple were very happy with life; they stayed in France while news of a dark lord rose and corrupted the England side. Shortly after marriage, Abigail Dalton was born in Elizabeth's hometown of Paris, France. They decided to move their growing family back to America. It was back there that Malachi got into an argument with his parents about his choice of wife and was forced to cut ties with his mother and father. Charles and Colletta died at 97 and 99 respectively, the family forever estranged. While Abigail grew to be 13 and a witch at a more public wizarding school in a magical community, their youngest and only son Jared Dalton was born. It was after Jared's birth that they finally decided to move to Britain, as they had desired to send their children to the famous Hogwarts, and had heard of news of the defeat of the so-called Dark Lord.

Personal: Jared Dalton was born in California, United States in 1988. He moved to Chelsea, London with his family when he was two years old and his sister fourteen. His sister went to Hogwarts and later graduated when he was six. She married a man named Elliot Brown and had twin children, Warren and Eloise. Jared was only partially close to his sister and rather spent his time in the muggle neighborhoods playing about with the children on the street. Like his father, he enjoyed cultural knowledge and the idea of new sights.

This didn't change in Hogwarts. Jared was often in trouble for his constant midnight strolls and forbidden entrances. He didn't tend to be loud and obnoxious about his opinions, preferring to let others duke it out and he just watch the amusing sights of it all. This was in due to You-Know-Who's reign over the Britain world and that he never wanted to be caught giving his opinion that muggles weren't so bad. Thankfully he met his wife, Aaliyah while in Hogwarts during his third year. It was in their fifth year that he started dating her and by their graduation date, he asked her to marry him. With Aaliyah, they had two children (Eliana and Jayson) rather early in their lives. Aaliyah was 20 when she had Eliana and 26 when she had Jayson.

After the couple graduated, Jared managed to continue after his father and tutored wizarding children until he was recommended for the job at Hogwarts for Charms and the Head of Ravenclaw. He readily accepted and is awaiting his daughter's first year there while his son starts his years at the wizarding primary school.

Place of Work: Hogwarts
Job Position: Head of Ravenclaw | Charms Professor
What does it entail: Overseeing all Ravenclaw students, abiding by headmaster/headmistress requests, teaching charms to students age 11 to 17.
Why did you take this job?: I have always enjoyed teaching children, even more so with my penchant for charms.

Wand: Holly wood with Dragon heartstring 12"
Familiar/Pets: Black Labrador -- Midnight -- 4 years -- Stays at home with his wife.
Other: A small locket containing a magical photo of his family

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Jared Dalton

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