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 Classes and Schedule etc

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Myrddin Emrys

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PostSubject: Classes and Schedule etc   Classes and Schedule etc I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2014 8:34 pm

Below is the classes that the students of Merlin's Academie of Magic will take during their five years of study. It was geared towards Muggleborns and Halfbloods that are ignorant of their heritage.

Flying for Beginners: (Years 1& 2)
This is a class for beginners. It teaches the children how to hold a broom, take care of it, as well as ride one. The broom only goes as high as 12 feet in the air.
Quidditch for Beginners: (Years 3-5)
Introduces the children to the wizarding sport enjoyed world wide. They are taught what the balls are called, the positions, and even get to play. The brooms can go a bit higher than those for the beginning flyers class. The balls are spelled to the proper ages.
Etiquette: (Years 1-5)
In this class they are taught how to behave properly. From how to walk without slouching to dancing. How to set a table, eat, where to place the guest of honour. How to be a proper host, how you greet someone etc.
Introduction to Potions: (Years 1&2)
The first years learn to respect the class. They learn what can go wrong if they miss a step in directions or play about instead of paying attention. They learn about the different types of cauldron metals and how they interact with certain potions and ingredients. The difference between stirring directions as well as for crushed versus cut ingredients. Second years learn how to prep ingredients and keep their workstations clean. They will be taught the very basics and brew nonharmful potions.
Introduction to Magical Beings: (Years 1-5)
They will make their way through how to interact and greet different magical species. The first creature they are to learn about are House Elves then move onto others such as Goblins, True werewolves and vampires, etc.
Writing: (Year 1)
The first years will learn how to hold, write with, and take care of a quill. They will learn about how to write on parchment, using inkwells, and how much and what type of sand is used to quickly dry the ink.
Maths: (Years 1-5)
This is a required class. They will learn basic maths just like their muggle counterparts. They will however learn about the wizarding currency along with the British pound.
Introduction to Latin: (Years 1&2)
This class is recommended and required. It will teach the students the language in which they use most of their spells. It will help them understand better what they are doing and help them with pronunciation.
Wand Care: (Year 2)
This class teaches how to hold their wand as well as take care of it so it lasts longer. They are also taught to respect their wands. The briefest bit of the beginning of wandlore by learning about the woods and their cores.
Familiar/Pet Care: (Year 5)
This class is to teach the student bound for Hogwarts the next year how to care for their familiar/pet. What to feed it, how to make it comfortable, learn how to tell if its sick or distressed. How to groom it as well as nurse it or calm it.
Magic Basics: (Years 1-5)
MUST take this class before taking Introduction to Charms or Introduction to Transfiguration. This class goes over the laws and basics of magic. It covers intent as well as the three most used types of magic - dark, light, and grey.
Introduction to Herbology: (Years 1-3)
They learn about the history of plants. How they have been used since their properties were first discovered. About their main usages in potions.
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Classes and Schedule etc

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