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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

PostSubject: A REMINDER TO ALL   Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:07 pm

This is just to remind everyone and to inform everyone. I know that I couldn't have been the only one wondering just how the whole animal thing worked. SO, this is how we're going to be doing it Ashes.

  • There are wards about the owlery that will prevent any pets/familiars wandering into the tower. This way the birds won't get riled up and your pet/familiar won't be a tasty snack for the owls.

  • All Common Rooms are also warded with compulsion charms directed towards your pet/familiars. These are designed so your pet/familiar will go where it needs to relieve itself or to go eat, etc.

  • Pets/Familiars are not allowed to accompany you to class unless given permission by the professor of that class.

  • Students are responsible for their pet/familiar not the house elves, other students, or the staff.
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