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 Power/Ability Claims

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

Power/Ability Claims Empty
PostSubject: Power/Ability Claims   Power/Ability Claims I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 02, 2014 9:40 pm

If you want to have a specific power or ability please apply with the code below. You may or may not get approved. If not an admin will inform you why in a PM. There will be a cap on certain abilities such as animagus or animorphmagus. Those that are a creature cannot apply for any wizard powers.

Claimed Powers/Abilities


Eidetic Memory -- Aldan Chaos
Telepathy -- Willow Thornhill
Touch Telepath -- Mikhail Novikov


--- Sirius Black
--- Peter Pettigrew
--- Rita Skeeter*
--- Minerva McGonagall*

--- Nymphadora Tonks*

--- Severus Snape*

Parseltongue -- Tom M. Riddle (voldemort)

--- Severus Snape*

*means canon character that has not been taken


[b]Power/Ability wanted:[/b]
[b]How would your person use this power/ability:[/b] (self gain, defense, punish, etc.)
[b]Sample post of character using ability/power:[/b] (must be at least 550 words)
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Power/Ability Claims

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