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 Musical Office Objects (Mik's office)

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Cáel Fianna


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PostSubject: Musical Office Objects (Mik's office)   Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:31 am

The stargrass had been collected and placed in the glass jar that was now securely back in the satchel riding on Cain's shoulder. Why it had to be picked precisely at midnight on a full moon of all things, the Aos Sí didn't know. These magical humans were quite amusing. Striding slowly and leisurely through the forest back towards the school grounds his thoughts wondered while his senses stayed alert on those watchful eyes. The forest was full of them. Acromatula, snakes, those skeletal starved death personified cousins tothe pegasi, and much worse. There were nicer things roaming the.forest as well but their territory was a bit further afield then he was walking.

Not bothered in the slightest, Cain jauntily began whistling a catchy tune he'd caught one of the students whistling. Right before they got remanded for it. Apparently it was from something unapproved of by their magical oppressor as 'beneath' them and the child was lowering themselves. Lightly entering the greenhouses and then the Professor's office, his eyes roamed about. Noting the lack of the adult wizard a mischevious playful smile appeared. Taking out the jar of star grass, Cain plonked it in the middle of the desk uncaring if he skewed any papers. Tossing the bag to land precariously from the top of the shelf, he laughed softly as his eyes alighted on some books.

Working quickly he cast his brand of magic over the book jackets, coating them in a strong illusion. Taking a step back to admire his work, Cain smiled in triumph. Each book now bore the title that had no correlation to the subject matter inside. A bounce to his step the dark haired man left the office feeling accomplished knowing how much the professor was on organization.

|| Acting Head of Hufflepuff || Herbology Assistant || Aos Si ||
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Musical Office Objects (Mik's office)

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