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 Aldan Chaos

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Aldan Chaos



PostSubject: Aldan Chaos   Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:48 am

Full Name: Aldan Brandyn Chaos
Alias: Aldan or Danny
Date of Birth: 02/13/1981
Age: 11
Year: first
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Type: Halfblood
Allegiance // Why?: Neutral. He isn't concerned with the affair of the war.

Strengths: His photographic memory, quick wit, and looks
Weaknesses: Being bullied, hates snakes, is afraid of the dark, and his death
Patronus: An owl -- The memory of his big sister getting married when he was seven. She was so happy. He dearly loved his big sister.
Boggart: A basilisk. He died from one so he is truly terrified of them.
Aldan was a smart and active first year. He wasn't afraid to look where he shouldn't or find an answer by any means. He can be emotional even as a ghost (mostly sniffling when he is upset but not moaning myrtle standards) and was a daddy's boy when was alive. He is very friendly and always looking to please people. Aldan has his moments of maturity but also childishness.

Paternal Grandfather: Brandyn Chaos
Paternal Grandmother: Sharon Wright-Chaos
Maternal Grandfather: Ash Rosselot
Maternal Grandmother: Amber Johnson-Rosselot
Father: James Chaos
Mother: Elizabeth Rosselot-Chaos
Siblings: Nevaeh Chaos-Davies
Spouse/Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Other: Nelson Davies (brother-in-law), Zayn Davies (nephew)

Elizabeth Rosselot was born to Ash (a Pureblooded Auror) and Amber (a muggle Accountant). She was a muggleborn from France who attended Beauxbatons as a witch in her teens. Shy was intelligent and very beautiful, but a sickly girl. She passed away in childbirth with Aldan. She dearly loved her daughter and would have loved her son. She went on to the afterlife unlike Aldan. She had been a muggle nurse before dying.

James Chaos was born to Brandyn (a Pureblooded Healer) and Sharon (a Pureblooded Shopkeeper) in St. mungo's. He is a Pureblood from the United States. He was tutored privately at home and travelled with his parents. It was in France on a tour through the magical towns there that he met Elizabeth. He is still alive and grew very protective of his son when he was born, seeing Aldan as Elizabeth's last gift to him. He works as a Ministry Worker as an Obliviator. When his son passed away but remained a ghost, he was devastated and even more so about the fact Aldan would never know his mother because of his choice to remain. He does get to talk to his son and takes those moments to heart.

Nevaeh Chaos is Aldan's older sister. When he was 11 years old and alive, she had been 26. She married her high school sweetheart from Hogwarts, where her parents sent her to, when he was seven. She was very overprotective of her little brother and had almost lost her baby in emotional attack when she discovered him dead from her father, not knowing he'd come back as a ghost though. When her son was born she did get to finally see Aldan's ghost but wasn't too happy. She does allow him to visit and chat though. She works as a private tutor for wizard and witch children.
Aldan grew up in London with his father. His sister had already moved out. Aldan looked up to his father and dreamed of being a spell creator for the ministry. He loved to learn new things and soaked it all in. His magic manifested when he was three and told he couldn't have a cookie before dinner. He'd summoned the entire jar of cookies to him and it broke at his feet. His father had been delighted by the magic but did have to send his son to time out for the broken jar. He was a strict but very caring father to Aldan.

Nevaeh kept as much in contact as she could, but had her own family to get to. She was pregnant with her son when Aldan passed away. Aldan died in 1992 during the troubles with the basilisk. He was the first student since Myrtle to pass away, Ginny Weasley being murdered roughly a month after his own passing. He inadvertently came back to the living as a ghost, never to pass on to the after life. He had been walking to his common room on a weekend when he'd turned a corner and found himself dead only a hall from the common room. As a ghost he is a very curious child and very naive in attitude.  

Wand: 9 1/2 Oak wood with Unicorn tail
Familiar: N/A
Other: Often seen wearing a wooden beaded necklace around his neck and the clothes he died in, a pair of muggle clothing.

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Aldan Chaos

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