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 How it Began

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

How it Began Empty
PostSubject: How it Began   How it Began I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 01, 2013 5:11 pm

This is all started because I have always wanted to try my hand at an HP site and because well, I've disagreed with several of J.K.Rowlings plots and whatnot. Obviously I love her stuff otherwise I would have never read her books. Like many people though I think 'what if' and here we are. Besides my many theories about how Harry really survived the Killing Curse since the whole sacrificial thing doesn't hold water with me.

So the summary of the overall plot thingy:

Harry died the night Voldemort attacked the Potters but still lost his body. He regained his body when Ginny Weasley allowed him to possess her. Joining up with his main soul fragment, Voldemort regained his full body. Changing his name to Lord Peverell he began to change the wizarding world through politics. Effectively cutting themselves off from the muggle world. It was as far as muggleborns being banned from rejoining the muggleworld once they come of age. Is this because he is trying to build up the wizard population and try again? That is what Dumbledore believed, believing their future was eventual integration with the muggles not segregation.

While the world saw what Lord Peverell was doing as a good thing for their community and world, Dumbledore was part of the old paranoid times that they wanted to forget. Dumbledore's people lost after one final confrontation. With the old warrlock dead they are scattered and the wizarding world is at peace. Or is it?
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How it Began

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