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 General Rules

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 01, 2013 5:09 pm

  • Your username must be the name of your character. In this forum, there is one character per account. We do not want pen names. We require a capital letter at the beginning of each name.
    Acceptable name: John Smith, David Jones, Sally Henderson, Thomas Jackson etc.
    Unacceptable name: Roseyrawks123, Iluvdraco, etc.
  • The rating for this site is NC-17 for language and violence. That does not mean you can go about torturing other characters or non characters. Any 'deaths' will be upon agreement of whomever is in the thread that you are in. Any excessive violence must be cleared through Admin or Mod. There will be NO sexual violence or sexual activities of any kind.
  • There will be NO romantic student/teacher, student/mentor, or child/adult relationships of any kind! No exceptions. Anyone in violation of this rule will have their characters deleted and be banned.
  • There is a minimum word limit on posts. All posts that are in character must be at least one hundred & fifteen (115) words or more. There is however not a maximum word limit. Try and keep your posts at a similar length to the person that you are posting with. On another note, a thousand word post is wonderful if there is content. However, if you give a long post that another person cannot reply to, you may have to cut it back and add in some more dialogue. Try and have at least one piece of dialogue in each post . If you need help with word counting (I know I did when I first began) THIS is a free tool that you can use. Just copy and paste your post and hit submit. It'll count the words for you.

  • God Modding, god modeling, GMing, or whatever else you know it as is not allowed. This is when you control the actions, reactions, appearances of another person's character. The only exception to this rule is if you have either permanent or temporary permission to do so for a particular character. This, however needs to be visible every time that the permitted GMing takes place. Your signature is a good place to put permanent permission. If it's temporary just add in a (OOC: so and so gave me permission to GM them for -however many posts-)

  • Graphic limits. I do not want to have half a page of graphics in a signature for a brief post. It is annoying, causes lag, and is not needed. Nor do I wish to see huge avatar pictures. Both end up stretching the board. The limit for signatures depends on what they are.
    - 500x300 for a single person
    - 600x300 for couples
    - 800x3000 for family
    and 150x175 for avatars. Anything over will be deleted. So pay attention to your sizes please. If you wish to have a showcase for your signatures for your characters on Ashes there is a board for that.

  • Character limits. I know some people can make up to twenty characters and still be active and keep up with them. I myself am addicted to making new characters but then I get bored quickly so they just sit there. Or real life gets in the way so I can't give them all equal attention. So I'm asking please no more than two children and six characters total. I might change this but at the moment it's staying as is.
  • Children Characters. The only exception to the rule stating you have to have an adult(parent/relative) on board is if you are living at Peverell's.

Rules are subject to change upon which you will receive a PM about it.
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General Rules

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