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 Irritating Day(Open)

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Aaliyah Burkov


Aaliyah Burkov
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Irritating Day(Open) Empty
PostSubject: Irritating Day(Open)   Irritating Day(Open) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2015 6:09 pm

Blue eyes, narrowed in slight irritation, swept through the Leaky Cauldron, the woman who those eyes belong to was currently sitting at one of the tables by the windows, a half-full glass of butterbeer sitting in front of her with a plate of already cool chips next to that. For the past hour she was sitting there, wallowing in misery and cursing her stupid brothers for being as absorbed in work as their parents were. Frowning angrily, she flicked her wrist in irritation and vanished the contents of the plate while chugging down the cool butterbeer.

If she knew that they were going to just blow her off for work she wouldn't have bothered getting out of bed that morning. It annoyed her so much to be blown of by them that she was quite sure if she wasn't in a public place with quite a few children running around she would be cursing up a storm and swearing to hex them the next time she saw them.

Normally she would have been happy at the chance to just spend some time alone but lately she had been missing her brothers very much. Her grandparents were absorbed in taking care of her younger sister, Ann-Marie, while her parents were absorbed in work like always and now her brothers were acting the same.

And now she probably looked like an idiot, sitting there on her own and angrily glaring at nothing in particular.
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Irritating Day(Open)

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