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 Nyura Czyż- WIP

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Nyura Czyż


Nyura Czyż
Age : 18

Nyura Czyż- WIP Empty
PostSubject: Nyura Czyż- WIP   Nyura Czyż- WIP I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 9:37 pm

Full Name: Nyura Aleksandrovna Czyż
Alias: Nyura
Date of Birth: December 4th
Year: 5
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Staus: Half-Blood
Allergies: Eggs

Strengths: Independent, Patient, Hard-Working
Weaknesses: Sensitive, Gets Stressed Easily, Reserved
Skills/Talents: Has a great sense of direction.
Pet Peeve(s): When people borrow stuff without asking.
Quirk/Habit: Drums on desk/lap when concentrating.
Greatest Fear: An Unexpected Betrayal
Best Class: Charms
Worst Class: Divination (Reading tea-leaves is not...her cup of tea)
Best liked Class: Transfiguration
Least Liked Class: Arithmancy
Best Liked Spell/Charm: Episkey (It healed the burns caused by the spell "Fiendfyre".)
Least Liked Spell/Charm: Fiendfyre (Her mother cast the spell unknowingly in the presence of her daughter, who then was burned.)
Freetime: Exploring the castle, reading, stroking her cat, and drawing realistic pictures that take hours and then your cat spills coffee on them, ruining weeks of work, and then you cry.
Patronus: She has not been able to conjure a Patronus yet.

Personality: Nyura is a stong optimist, modest, and will always listen to what you have to say. Usually very passive, she would do anything to protect the ones who care for her. Nyura is very mature as well, which shows in her sense of humour. Does not enjoy the presence of a narcissist, one who uses intimidation to get what they want, or prejudice. She is also a skilled liar.

Paternal Greatgrandfathers: Alexander Czyż || Fabian Chaplin
Paternal Greatgrandmothers: Anna (Adamovich) Czyż || Anastasiya (Bereza) Chaplin
Maternal Greatgrandfathers: Sebastián Rodriguez || Denis Roman
Maternal Greatgrandmothers: Nyura (Bartosh) Rodriguez || Sophiá (Delgado) Roman
Paternal Grandfathers: Artem Czyż || Artem Chaplin
Paternal Grandmothers: Marina (Myers) Czyż || Victoria (Yolkov) Chaplin
Maternal Grandfathers: Abel Rodriguez || Igor Roman
Maternal Grandmothers: Alyona (Aliyev) Rodriguez || Michelle (Watson) Roman
Father: Alexandr Czyż
Mother: Nastya (Rodriguez) Czyż
Siblings: Anna Czyż (Age: 23)
Godparent(s): N/A
Other: N/A

Family: (please state the history of your mother's side of the family as well as your father's. Must be at least 3 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences per paragraph)
Personal: (Must be at least 2 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences per paragraph. Please include if/when your magic manifested & how your family reacted and what your dynamic in the family is like)

Wand: Aspen, Phoenix Feather, 13"
Familiar: Nyura brought a cat along.
Other: A golden locket that was charmed, so that she cannot open it until her sixteenth birthday.


I'M REALLY SORRY THIS WASN'T FINISHED BEFORE IT WAS POSTED- my keyboard cut out about half-way, and I had no other way to save my work than to post it.  
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Nyura Czyż- WIP

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