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 Willow Thornhill

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Willow Thornhill

Willow Thornhill

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PostSubject: Willow Thornhill   Willow Thornhill I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2015 3:51 am

Full Name: Willow Kyra Thornhill
Alias: Will
Date of Birth: October 18th
Age: 33
Former House: Gryffindor
Blood Type: Halfblood

Strengths: Reliable, Supportive, Calm, Patient, Loyal, Hard working, loyal.
Weaknesses: Her family, Claustrophobia, Coulrophobia, her friends, her temper, her pride, her stubbornness.
Greatest Fear: Failure
Greatest Hope: Finding the One
Patronus: A Stag. The happiest memory was when she watched her older sister marry the love of her life and when they had their beautiful miracle baby.
Personality: Willow is genuinely a very kind person, very quiet, but is stubborn and can be outspoken when she wants to be. She has a feisty temper so it's better to stay on her good side, she is loyal to a fault and will do anything to protect those she cares about. She doesn't fully trust anyone but is slowly working on that. Willow is determined and brave, she always does things 100%. She is very introverted as well so she prefers to stay to herself, but when in a fight she usually stands back and observes before taking action.

Paternal Grandfather: Unknown
Paternal Grandmother: Unknown
Maternal Grandfather: Unknown
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown
Father: Charlie Thornhill
Mother: Lucinda Thornhill
Siblings: Danielle Moody (neƩ Thornhill), 35, Living.
Spouse/Partner: None
Children: None
Brother in Law: Angelus Moody, 35, Living.
Niece: Alyce Le Faye Moody, 7, Living.

Family: Will does not know any of her family history, she doesn't know her mothers side of the family nor her fathers. She only knows her parents name and that they dropped her and her sister off when they were two and 6 months old. Thats all Willow knows, even with her being a Head Auror she does not want to know because why find out and learn about people who didn't want you or your sister in the first place?
Personal: Will was the second child of Lucinda and Charlie Thornhill, she had an older sister named Danielle who was two years old. For some unknown reason her parents gave her and Dani up and took them to an orphanage and left them there, Will was only six months old. Dani basically raised her as her own, they were never adopted because they had to go to the same family, at the same time, and wouldn't take no for an answer. No family wanted to adopt two children at the same time because it was hard enough dealing with one child let alone two. When Will found out she was a witch she was excited and scared at the same time, people at the orphanage saw her as a freak. Dani had explained to her that the same thing happened to her and that they were witches, she made Will promise to keep it secret and she did.

When they had both gotten their acceptance letter to Hogwarts they were excited to be going somewhere they would actually belong. But Will had to stay for two years because Dani was older, but when Will was finally able to go and got sorted into the same house as Dani she was super excited. She excelled at Charms, DADA, and potions, her sister excelled at those classes and than some, even though she always felt like she was in her sisters shadow she didn't care nor mind it. She liked being invisible. Finally, when Will graduated she went to become an Auror with her sister. They never competed against each other and were always supportive of one another. But Dani had been promoted to Head Auror but stepped down when she had gotten pregnant with Alyce, so, Will took her place. Now Dani works at St. Mungo's while Will works as head Auror.

Will was always wild and rebellious, still is, but she has toned it down and does take orders from her superiors. Even though most times it's unwillingly, she is loyal to a fault and would jump in front of a train for her fellow Auror's because she cares about them even though she pretends she doesn't. She is like a walking bleeding heart, which is and isn't a bad thing from what she had been told.

Place of Work: Ministry
Job Position: Head Auror
What does it entail: Catch any law breakers, keeps her Aurors in line, makes sure everyone is abiding by the law, etc;
Why did you take this job?: Because I wanted to get the bad guys off the streets and protect the innocent

Wand: Willow, 12", Veela Hair Core
Familiar/Pets: A Siberian husky puppy named Leanne
Other: A music box from her sister.

Friends: A.J. Laterman, Danielle Moody, Angelus Moody, Alyce Moody.
Enemies: Too Many probably
Allies: A.J. Laterman, Her Aurors, Danielle Moody, Angelus Moody, Alyce Moody.
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Willow Thornhill

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