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 Lucretia Moriarty

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Lucretia Moriarty


Lucretia Moriarty

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PostSubject: Lucretia Moriarty    Lucretia Moriarty  I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 7:28 pm

Full Name: Lucretia Moriarty
Alias: Luci
Date of Birth: Oct 29, 1981
Age: 39
Former House: Cossu (Beaubatons)
Blood Type: Pureblood

-Her love for Theo and Titus get me through everyday
-Able to place charms on about every object
- Her singing can put even the savage beast to sleep.
-The loss of Theo and Titus
-Sunlight causes her to get sick if she is out in it too much
-Highly allergic to nuts
Greatest Fear: That she will never be good enough for Theo to marry
Greatest Hope: That she is to marry and have more children with Theo
Patronus: Dove, the day Titus was born

Personality: Even though she was sorted at Beauxbatons in the house of Imagination she was not as laid back and flighty as one might think of a person that was sorting in there. She is a very strong willed woman and knows what she wants out of life. She is not one to give up on anything, which is why she has never left Theo. She can be a little relaxed, but will stand her ground when someone tries to prove her point wrong when she knows she is right.

Paternal Grandfather: Alvin Moriarty
Paternal Grandmother: Alessa Moriarty (Nee: Alanzo)
Maternal Grandfather: Ozario Moriarty // Septimus Amante
Maternal Grandmother: Romilda Tiziano // Lavinia Perelli
Father: Lucien Moriarty
Mother: Noemi Amarante
Siblings: None
Spouse/Partner: Theo Nott
Children: Titus (7)
Other: (in laws, nieces/nephews, grandchildren)


Family: Luci’s family is a long line of Italian’s on both her mothers and fathers. They did not come from money, but they were always happy. They came from the magical village of Milani, which was south of the town of Milan. Her father worked hard at the local apothecary shop to help provide for his family, just like his father had done before them. Her father had work hard to the point that he was able to purchase the store from his own father. Lucien was glad that they lived in Italy and were far away from the magical wars in England because he never wanted to subject his children to that.

Noemi Amarante was a home maker because of the way she was raised. She was always taught that the man was the head of the household and it was her job to stay at home and cook and clean. This was something that she had learned from her mother. She would never forget the day she had met Francis because she was at her little stand selling her bread. He had walked up to her to buy a couple of loaves and ended up buying every single one she had. It was love at first sight for her and after he came back to the stand a couple of time he asked her if he could call on her.

Lucien and Noemi were married on July 1 one year to the date that they meet at her bread stand. After that she was the perfect house wife, of course she still bakes bread for her little stand because she could not quite give it up. They tried for years to have a child and were finally blessed with a little girl. She was the light of their life and wanted to keep her away from the evils that they had known. Lucien had been a Slytherin at Hogwarts and Noemi had attended Beauxbatons and they had decided that their only child would attend Beauxbatons away from the wars that were going to rage. They are very proud of their daughter that had taken a interest in a little bit of everything that they both had done.

Luci had to admit she loved growing up with her family because she had so many choices in life. She would help her father out in the apothecary some days and then other days she would help her mother out. She learned early on that she could never stay out in the sun for too long because there was something in her skin that caused her to burn really easy so she learned early on to do things indoors. She loved to write, bake, draw, and sometimes she would even read a good book. She did get a scare once at her eleventh birthday when she ate some bread with nuts in them and it about killed her. Of course they could not understand why this allergy came up all of a sudden because it had not been there before.

Once she started school she was lost to the world at home and buried herself in her school work. She loved all of her classes especially potions and charms class. She got O’s in all of her tests and graduated at the top of her class. Her problem was once she graduated school she was unsure what she wanted to do. She worked for awhile with her father in his shop, but after awhile she was bored with that. She was beginning to see all of her friends from school get married and start having children and that was something she wanted, but had yet found the right man.

She was spending time in Rome and got a job at a local bookstore for awhile and that was where she had seen him for the first time, Theodore Nott. She knew nothing of the man and she took his book order and smiled at him. She noticed on the sales receipt that he lived in England and sighed because she lived here. Although one day she received a invitation to a grand alumni ball in England which she thought was a mistake, but she decided to attend to represent Beauxbatons at the ball.

Once she had arrived at the ball she found herself wandering around the room looking for the man she had seen in her shop. She wanted to know more about him, who he was and what he did. She found herself at the drink table sipping on some pumpkin juice wearing her long blue dress when the man she was looking for walked up and asked her to dance. Before she knew it they had danced the night away and that was how they got started.

They have been together now for ten years and Luci could not be any happier with her life. She loved Theo with her whole heart and three years into their relationship they were blessed with a little boy they happily named Titus. Luci had thought after their son had been born Theo would finally ask her to marry him, but he had still not asked her. She knew that he had been married before and things didn’t work out well, but she didn’t understand how he could not see she was not going anywhere.

She promised him that she would quit working until their son was old enough to start school and actually Titus had been in school a year or so and she was still at home taking care of Theo’s home. Ten years later and she was still caring for him and his child like a wife be he still refuses to make her one. Every day she has to ask herself if it was all worth this, and she knows it is even though it breaks her heart that he doesn’t seem to think she is worthy enough to make her his wife.

Place of Work: Currently works from home writing and baking goods.
Job Position: Home Maker
What does it entail: Taking care of her family
Why did you take this job?: Because I love what I do.

Wand: 7” birch, unicorn hair core
- Cat that Titus picked out but chose Theo as its human
-Miles - family owl named by Titus
- Pris - Pygmy Puff
-Necklace charmed by Theo
- Leather bracelet made by Titus, Matches Theo’s

Friends: Elena friend from school
Enemies: None
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Lucretia Moriarty

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