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 Stormie Madison

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Stormie Madison


Stormie Madison
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PostSubject: Stormie Madison   Stormie Madison I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 9:57 pm

Full Name: Stormie Breanna Madison
Alias: Storm
Date of Birth: July 1
Age: 26
Former House: Ravenclaw
Blood Type: Pureblood

1. She seems to have a calming effect on children
2. Can tell when someone is lying to her by looking in their eyes
3. She has a eidetic memory
1. Nyctophobia- Afraid of the dark which is why she always has a light on in her room
2. Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces which is why she never goes into a room without windows.
3. Hypsiphobia- Fear of height she will never climb open stairs, and in the orphanage she clings to the wall when she has to climb them.
Greatest Fear:  Thanatophobia-  She is terrified of dying because she is afraid that she will miss out on something she could have done to help someone.  But if she died she would be in a confined space.
Greatest Hope: That none of the children she takes care of and basically raise will never felt the way she did.
Patronus: Otter, The day she got her letter to Hogwarts allowing her out of the orphanage.
Personality:  One would expect growing up in a orphanage she would have been withdrawn from people, but Stormie was actually the opposite.  She is very lively person and has a big heart that cares for those around her.  Even though she has her fears she tries really hard not to let them run her life.

Paternal Grandfather: Andolf Madison
Paternal Grandmother: Marina Madison (Nee: Ollivander)
Maternal Grandfather: Randy Lovelace
Maternal Grandmother: Breanna Lovelace (Nee: Ollivander)
Father: Michael Madison
Mother:  Issabel Madison (Nee: Longbottom)
Siblings: Unkonown
Spouse/Partner: None
Children: All the children in the orphanage
Other: None

Family: Being raised in a orphanage Stormie had no idea who she was or where she came from.  It was not until she learned she was a witch and was sent to a magical school that she had a chance to research where she comes from.  She had spent a lot of time in the library looking up her name and that was when she discovered her father was Michael Madison and he was from a long line pure blooded wizards.  Her father’s family goes way back to fighting with Gellert Grindelwald by her grandfather and continued as her father fought on the side of Voldemort.  She also discovered that her father side of the family was all in Slytherin’s which surprised Stormie until she found out her mother’s History.

Information shown that her mother was related to the wand maker Ollivander; it didn’t appear that she was directly related, but more like a cousin of some sort.  But then her mother's maiden name was Longbottom so she pulled out a family tree and it looked like she was the young sister of Algie Longbottom's.   Her mother was a Ravenclaw which is where she got that side of her.  There was not a lot of information about her once she married Michael Madison.  It did show that her mother’s mother was the sister to the woman who was also her father’s mother.  Reading the information she could not understand why a couple of Ravenclaw woman would want to marry Slytherin men, until she found out about the arranged marriages and how the family was trying corrupt the Ollivander line to be aligned with Voldemort.

Even though Michael’s marriage to Issabel was arranged he had actually come to love her very much.  In fact he loved her before they had even gotten married.  Of course this information was not revealed to his parents.  His parents had taught him the best way to have a obedient wife is too abuse her, but Michael refused such things.  His father  of course had beat him a few times until his wife told him that it was ok, that she understood and would take the beatings.  Once Stormie was born they knew they had to protect her and sent her to live at an orphanage in order to protect her from the evils of her grandparents.

Personal: All Stormie knew growing up was her parents didn’t want her and they sent her to live out her childhood in a orphanage.  If anyone had ever lived in one they would know that most of them were dark, dirty, and scary and run by crappy old people that wanted nothing more to abuse the children that lived there.  More than once Stormie was locked away in a closet for hours or days on end.  She never really knew how long she had been in there.  Not only was she locked away in the small dark place, she was also abused by the caretakers.  Sometimes it seemed that the caretakers always took things out on her worst of all and she could never quite understand why.

The day she received her owl telling her that she was going to a magical school she was completely caught off guard by the news it brought.  Never in a million years would she have imagined that she was a witch, but then it did answer a lot of questions that she had about little things she could do.  She loved her days at school for the most part, except flying class which she refused to do because to her fear of heights.  She was able to get a pass in the class because it sent her to the hospital wing do to a panic attack every time.  She did hate it every summer when she had to go back to the orphanage and she would try to stay in her room.

Once she graduated Hogwarts her head of house was able to get her a scholarship to a university where she got an education degree.  During the evening and the weekend she worked at local daycare centers learning as much as she could.  Once she was done she discovered there was a opening at the Peverell’s Orphanage for Magical Children for the director and she took a chance and applied.  When she got the job she had swore that she would never let these children feel the way she felt when she lived in a orphanage.

Place of Work:  Peverell’s Orphanage for Magical Children
Job Position: Headmistress, or Director however you want to look at it.
What does it entail: Daily running of the orphanage, which entails caring for the children that live there.  Daily schooling, activities, meal times, and discipline.
Why did you take this job?:  Stormie has always had a love for children and she never wanted children in another orphanage to feel the way she felt in the orphanage.

Wand: 6” White Oak, Dragon Heart String Core
Familiar/Pets:  Black Cat, Lili
Other: Nothing

Friends:None as of now
Enemies: None as of now
Allies: None as of now
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Stormie Madison

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