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 Bored. Please Entertain Me.

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Isaac Alkaev



PostSubject: Bored. Please Entertain Me.   Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:47 pm

On the second stool on the left side of the bar sat a brown haired teenager with a sullen expression on his face. In front of him the old and scarred wooden surface of the bar was a plate of chips half eaten. They had been seasoned and he was trying to decide if he actually liked the taste or if he was just that hungry that he didn't particularly care if the flavour was to his liking. The chips he'd already eaten had been scarfed without so much chewing as was required so his taste buds barely had time to register if they were bland or not.

Isaac had left home that morning with only an apple, core and all, in his stomach for breakfast. There were some power bars in the pocket of his denim calf length cargo shorts. They were likely melted in the wrappers and would be a gooey mess, hence the reason that he'd come to the Leaky Cauldron to get something more appetizing. There was also nothing really going on at the hospital so it wasn't worth sticking around and being bored in the cafe.

Now that his hunger had been satiated for the moment, Isaac wiped his hands on the edges of his white t-shirt after sticking them in his mouth and sucking the grease off. Picking up the half dirty glass and taking a sip of the cool almost sickeningly sweet beverage inside it, the boy's blue eyes traveled along the bar. One foot clad in leather sandals, tapped the rung of his bar stool steadily in boredom. If only something or someone would alleviate it.

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Bored. Please Entertain Me.

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