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 A.J. Laterman

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A.J. Laterman


A.J. Laterman
Age : 21
Location : On A Beach Somewhere

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PostSubject: A.J. Laterman   A.J. Laterman I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2015 5:48 am

Full Name: Avery Joelle Laterman
Alias: A.J.
Date of Birth: October 31st
Age: 20
Former House: Gryffindor
Blood Type: Pureblood

Strengths: Caring, athletic, charming, compassionate, creative, ambitious, adventurous, dedicated, loyal.
Weaknesses: Pride, stubborn, withdrawn, second guesses herself, a debilitating case of Cleithrophobia
Greatest Fear: Losing everyone she cares about
Greatest Hope: To be able to protect everyone
Patronus: A.J.'s patronus takes the form of a tiger, the memory she uses is one of her favorite memories. The day she got accepted at Hogwarts, she remembered her parents proud happy faces and how they were already planning on what to get her for school and debating on what house she would fit in.
Personality: A.J. is smart, kind, caring, quiet, but can be very stubborn, outspoken, and hot tempered. She loves helping people and her job, but sometimes she just likes to have her own time and space. She is an ambivert, which means she can be a introvert and an extrovert. Whenever she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her, she is loyal to a fault and is very determined. When A.J. gets a few drinks in her she is very loud and carefree and just wants to have fun. But when sober, she is all about work work work, she wants to get the job done and she wants it to be done right. She has a weakness for children and animals, she hates hurting people and is always second guessing herself, she sees herself as a failure and doesn't see herself as anything special. She hides all her insecurities at work and tries to be intimidating.

Paternal Grandfather: Aaron Laterman (Deceased)
Paternal Grandmother: Monica Brown (Deceased)
Maternal Grandfather: Jonathan Hawthorn (Deceased)
Maternal Grandmother: Rosalie Hawthorn (Deceased)
Father: Eric Laterman (Living)
Mother: Sam Hawthorn (Living)
Siblings: None
Spouse/Partner: None
Children: None
Other: None

Family: Sam's parents, Rosa and Jonathan Hawthorn, were killed in a house fire when she was only four years old. She has two scars on her face from then she's alway's blamed herself for her parents death and is very protective. Sam had given up on love because no one really cared what happened to her when she was at the orphanage. She is kind to Children and loves them she is very sweet and very mean if provoked.

Sam is very sarcastic and very strange to some people, she hums when she can't think of something to say. Sam is an introvert and prefers to keep to herself most times, she doesn't like a lot of people at first but when she gets to know someone she is friends for life with them. Eric is the same way, he is a natural care giver and loves taking care of people, he is very artistic and taught A.J. how to sketch and paint. He worked as a healer while her mother worked as a professor, but both retired as they wanted to just be alone and spend some time together. They now reside in a small cottage in wizarding London, A.J. goes to visit them on the weekends.

Sam had found the love of her life while she was at school, a hufflepuff named Eric Laterman, he and her had crushes on each other in their first year. But they wouldn't admit it to each other, finally in their sixth year they admitted their feelings for each other and began dating. When they got out of school Eric had been called back to Winnipeg, Canada to settle some family business thing his mother had died during childbirth and he was raised in England by his father. But back to the story now. Eric left Sam and told her he would be back soon, but what he didn't know was Sam was pregnant when he had left. He didn't come back from Canada until 8 months later, when he had come home he had thought Sam moved on. But after she explained that the baby was his and that it was a girl he was elated, he proposed to her that night and they got married at the courthouse a week later. A month later A.J. was born.
Personal: A.J. was born October 31st as Avery Joelle. But she wanted it shortened down to A.J. because she did not like her name, which her parents did not mind doing. She grew up in a nice stable loving family. She went to hogwarts at age 11, was sorted into Gryffindor like her mother, much to her fathers disappointment, graduated top of her class, had an amazing boyfriend. She didn't have many friends but that was alright, she didn't feel the need to have a lot of friends. A.J. was not sure what she had wanted to be, a lot of students knew the moment they came to hogwarts, but not her. But during her 5th year she had decided she wanted to become an Auror. Her life seemed very perfect at the moment.

But as they say, nothing is perfect. After she graduated she went on to become an Auror, much to both her parents dismay, they had wanted her to be a healer or a hogwarts professor like them. A.J. wanted something different and wanted an exciting job that took her places, her parents understood, even though they didn't like it, they finally approved of it and supported her. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, did not approve and refused to support her. So, A.J. broke it off and has never seen him since, she then got deeply immersed in her job. A.J. is very quiet and talks very rarely, but when she has a few drinks in her, she will become a totally different person. She is sweet, kind, nice, a caregiver, and very protective she takes her job seriously and is always doing paperwork and catching dark wizards.

Place of Work:  Ministry
Job Position: Junior Auror
What does it entail: Catches dark wizards, protects people, basically muggle police work but with magic
Why did you take this job?: Because I want to protect as many people as I can.

Wand: Oak, Unicorn Hair, 11"
Familiar/Pets:  A Maine Coon named Mel
Other: A birth stone ring that her parents gave her when she was 16, she never takes it off if she can help it.

Friends: None really
Enemies: The people she's arrested?
Allies: Pending
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A.J. Laterman

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