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 Vampire Rules

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

PostSubject: Vampire Rules   Thu May 28, 2015 4:28 pm

Vampire Rules

1. Twilight vampires do NOT exist here and are not considered a vampire branch. Even harry potter lore negates twilight style vampires as a type existing.

2. Any questions on vampires will be brought to Sadaoi Fangflower.

3. Cannot change a character unless talked about with handler

Example: Dracula see Tommy and decides to turn him. Tommy doesn't want to be a vampire. Dracula cannot change Tommy into a vamp unless discussing it first with Tommy via PM or chatbox.

4. If you are a student vampire you will
- Need a blood donor when at school (someone willing and has been approved by admin and your HoH
- Need to arrange for bagged blood to be sent to you
- If you try and hunt animals on hogwarts grounds beware of the other creatures that might consider it their territory.

  • The vampires are run by a vampire council. You can't be on the council unless you speak to Sadaoi Fangflower

  • Vampires do not sleep but they do enter a comatose rest state. for a short period especially if they are ancients or turned. born vampires DO need rest but its 2-3 hour light rest period.
  • Most vampires cannot absorb nutrients in food normally and get them by drinking fresh blood. It doesn't have to be human. Vampires can still eat human food but need to drink some blood as well. Depending on the amount of activity a Vampire does a single feeding will keep them well fed for a few days. Vampires can use food to survive not blood, but it WILL greatly weaken your vampire and leave them lethargic.

  • Newborn vampires or turned/changling vampires cannot turn others. They are generally blood crazy, lacking control and need human blood for the first couple years. They turn into vampires of harry potter lore if their sire or an older vampire or born one of any rank does not help them learn to regrasp humanity or bloodlust control. They going into feeding frenzies and will not stop unless destroyed. Newborn vampires are not children vampires who are born.

  • Vampires teirarchy is made up of Ancients, Originals, then 2nd and 3rd generations, Purebloods, Aristrocrats (pureblood and turned vampire offspring), with the lesser and hated ranks being Dhamphires (half-vampires) and Daywalkers (the rarest as it has 2% chance of living past birth)

  • All hybrid vampires must be approved and there is a less than 1% chance a vampire and a werewolf would crossbreed nor any other race. for the success birthrates best with humans but its also considered impure

  • most vampires have ways they can be out in sunlight either heavy clothing, heavy suntan lotion and limited exposure, however changlings are stuck to nighttime, aristrocrats have to wear charms or the above method and usually prefer not to bother, daywalkers must be approved prior to claiming as most times its easier to just kill them. Dhamphires are generally only human and vampire. They are hated by all vampires even more so than Daywalkers in some case but not all. Even that is an illegal hybriding but its more "accepted"

  • They have retractable fangs so they can look like normal people, they do have a reflection but unfortunately they cannot be caught on camera. They do have a shadow, which is a plus. They are just like everyone else regarding their physical features but as they get older, they lose their humanistic features and start to look more like a predator they are. They do have a heartbeat but it is slower then a normal person. They only need to talk when they speak otherwise they don't need to.

  • A stake through the heart makes the vampire go into a death-like trance, until the stake is removed from the body. Decapitating a vampire of it's head or setting the vampire on fire is totally fatal, meaning it will kill the vampire. Drowning will only immobilize the vampire until he/she is pulled out. They are allergic to garlic and it will repel them from you. Pure, undiluted sliver will hurt the vampires. Garlic and Silver are both used in bullets so they can paralyze the vampire and it will also cause mild crippling pain. Holy relics won't work much on vampires.

  • They are not immortal but they do have an extended life, which is a bonus for them. They are only slightly stronger then human, they have sharper senses. They can move more quicker then humans as well as heal faster then normal BUT wounds inflicted by holy water and silver arrows slow down the whole process. They cannot fly nor can they shapeshift! They can hypnotize you and they can use telepathy.
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Vampire Rules

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