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 Creature Claim

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

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PostSubject: Creature Claim   Creature Claim I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2014 3:19 pm

If you are wanting to be a creature and a student, you will first have to be approved by your Head of House. If you are a werewolf it would be up to your head of house to give you your potion and/or protect the rest of their house from you if decide to skip taking wolfsbane as well as see you to a safe place during your transformation. The same goes for if you want to be a vampire or other type of creature. Your head of house have the go ahead to nix the idea and not have to deal with that added stress. So please if you are wanting to be a creature, PM the Head of the house you would like to be in. If they okay it, then you can fill out the form to be whatever creature they agreed to. But please note that we will have a lock on the number of student creatures. The Head of your house will then PM one of the Admins to let them know that they have okayed you being a creature.

[b]Creature wanted:[/b]
[b]How did they become a creature:[/b] (born that way, turned, cursed, etc.)
[b]WHY do you want to be this creature:[/b](if you say because they're cool, your request won't likely get granted)
[b]Sample post of character as their creature (sort of a day in the life of):[/b] (must be at least 500 words)[/code]
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Creature Claim

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