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 Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer

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Sadaoi Fangflower


Sadaoi Fangflower

Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer Empty
PostSubject: Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer   Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 06, 2014 8:16 pm

Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer 49aeda82-28db-441f-af3d-b354a7dae4b1_zps83ae3a58
Full Name: Sadoai (third eye) Fangflower (animal wolf goddess last name)
Birth Name: Revealed over plotline
Alias: Sado
Date of Birth: August 29
Age: 18
Former House: Never went raised by animals
Blood Type: Unknown is feral
Allegiance // Why?: Animals, Wolves, None Yet

Extra Information:
*was born with the gift curse of the third eye (In laymans term dudes a seer with constant seerdom)
*hides the third eye under a silk band
*his third eye will open if the silk band is removed. the red mark upon his forehead will open up and form an eye that glows with a slit in the middle
*was raised by wolves
*understands the language of all animals and can speak back to them
*understands humans
*has to sound out human words
*his true eyes are blind
*sees by his other senses
*walks/runs on all fours with body doublejointing to bend like that of an animals.
*Despite being in the wild has hair only on his head
*is actually dressed in a pair of clothes a traveling merchant woman put him in even though it is a bit form fitting

Strengths: Seer (visions and third eye allows others to see it)
Animal Languages & Human Languages Understands Them All
Double jointed
Weaknesses: Doesn't understand the Third Eye Seer Visions
Talking most human languages and sounding out English.
Is Blind
Greatest Fear: His Third Eye & The things it shows him. Thus fears removal of the special band over it.
Greatest Hope: Never being found by people or the nightmares returning full force as sees visions greatest with third eye but gets fainter less difficult ones when sleeping.
Patronus: N/A
Personality: *curious
*childlike in ways (due to growing up in wild)
*gentle (when not hunting or protecting)
*cannibalistic (doesn't know was raised with wolves and animals)
*too trusting unless by animal instincts doesn't trust you.

Paternal Grandfather:Unknown
Paternal Grandmother: Unknown
Maternal Grandfather:Unknown
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown
Father: King Willhelm
Mother: Unknown
Spouse/Partner:None yet
Children: N/A
Other: Unknown

Family: Unknown as it is believed he is an orphan but he isn't. It isn't known who they are.
Personal: Orphan? Or so it is thought. Really he is the crown prince of England who went missing. He was just threeish when an attack was made on his life by an evil man. He was born with the third eye gift and his father knew about it. He was the one who gave him the blindfold band that helps keep it shut. However, his father also helped him through the nightmares that he had a seer. When the man attacked he was seperated from his father and took off running far, far away. His father still believes he is alive even though he hasn't found him. The evil man who was after him hadn't either.

As the years passed he was raised by wolves who had descent from the animal gods and stayed in the magical world. He grew up as them. He doesn't understand the visions or third eye thing. Over the years he had another episode with the third eye that projected it and from now on freaks out whenever the blindfold is touched or might be removed. He grew up with the animals and only understands human tongues. It is hard for him to speak it and he has to sound out even english. He is double jointed and it is through this he runs on all fours like wolves. He fights like a wild animal and is quite deadly in his attacks and aim despite blindness.

Recently the visions have gotten more and more frequent this past years due to the changing of powers and times. he had a vision he was in danger and would meet someone he knew but doesn't understand it.

-Work- N/A currently.
Place of Work:  (Where you work Ministry, Hogwarts, Diagon, St. Mungo's etc.)
Job Position: (Obliviator, Ancient Runes Professor, tailor at Madam Malkins, Healer Trainee, etc)
What does it entail: (Describe what you do at your work. Alter memories, teach an old fascinating subject, make alterations, etc. )
Why did you take this job?:

Wand: (wood, core, length)
Familiar/Pets:Vano is "pet" if you wish to put it that way but he is more protector and guardian to young Sadaoi. They go everywhere together. Sometimes Sadaoi rides on his back when sleeping.
Other: (keepsakes, mementos, magical items [please clear any magical item via Myrddin Emrys first] )

Friends: Vano (his older wolf brotehr)
Enemies: The man from his nightmare
Allies: Animals, Creatures, Wolves, Anything Not Human
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Sadaoi Fangflower ~ Blind Feral Seer

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