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 Zeek Matthews ~ Luna Blessed Muggle Born Wizard In Denial

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Zeek Matthews


Zeek Matthews

Zeek Matthews ~ Luna Blessed Muggle Born Wizard In Denial Empty
PostSubject: Zeek Matthews ~ Luna Blessed Muggle Born Wizard In Denial   Zeek Matthews ~ Luna Blessed Muggle Born Wizard In Denial I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2014 3:17 pm

Full Name: Zeek Matthews
Alias: Agent Z, Zangari (special ops/undercover agent/spy name)
Date of Birth: October 31
Age: 21
Former House: Homeschooled
Blood Type: Muggleborn
Allegiance // Why?: Neutral

- Can speak basic vampiric tongue and understands enough to know when someones talking shit about him
- Can use wolf, body, or tools for fighting and hunting
- MMilitary training and firearms accuracy and aim
-while untrained it has grown extremely strong and wildly powerful dueto physical prowess
- Nate
- Wolfs Insanity If Used In combat
- Is a wizard in denial and lack of training causes magic used on him to be 2-3 times as effective not counting anything herbal based
-his magic is like a living creature and reacts upon his emotions and comes to life.
Greatest Fear: Failing to protect Nate from those who want to kill his highly taboo and "illegal" or taboo mixed breeding
Greatest Hope:  "I live every day like its my last...I don't have one. I don't live off wishes and desires. I hope for something I go for it."
Patronus: N/A

Personality: Has slight OCD, Is a living more polite Sherlock Holmes who has great people skills. Loves kids and is great with them. Willing to go over and beyond the call of duty for friends or someone special. Uses his sense of humor to make people laugh when they are sad or angry. Easy Going, Kind, Caring, Romantic (hardcore), Fiercely Protective (friends/family/significant other), Strong, Understanding, Active, Funny (has a sense of humor and uses it), Serious (at times), Flirtacious (at times), Playful (at times), Generous, Analytical (at times), Intelligent (genuis IQ)

Paternal Grandfather: Keith Matthews
Paternal Grandmother: Vivian Matthews
Maternal Grandfather: Jafarin
Maternal Grandmother: Zeldaline
Father: Fredrick Matthews
Mother: Henrietta Matthews
Siblings: Nancy Matthews
Children: Nate Matthews (6 mnths 3wks)

Family:Zeek's mother is born and raised in the mid western states of tornado alley in the united states. His mother was a luna blessed werewolf also but hers came from a meditation dream, during which she received the blessing that awoke the gene she carried. She was not human yet was aware of werewolves and vampires. She has an extreme prejudice of vampires due to one raped and murdered her mother. She never expected her daughter to end up with one but after meetign the guy came to like and accept him. She knew other luna blessed in her nomadic tribe but no one of importance.

Zeek's father, named Fredrick Matthews was a military man who traveled a lot. From a  good background muggle family. He was also a Luna Blessed Werewolf. He knew a lot and was CEO and owner of the organization that had been around since ancient times and handed down through the family to their children. He believed in the existence of paranormal activities such as seers and fortunetellers and ghosts but was highly disbelieving to the existence of magic. He also believed in werewolves and vampires as it was part of his heritage the mythological deities such as luna. He was iffy on the existence of fae until meeting the Sidhe in Ireland.

These two got married and had a set of twins who they named Nancy and Zeek. Nancy was the older twin. The parents for years ran the organization that eradicated out of control werewolves and vampires. It was part of the organization that was run by muggles or vampires or werewolves of varying types. However, it has no connections or affiliations to the wizarding world but does have bases in other countries muggle worlds. It is part of an organization that deals with muggle world paranormal activities but the area involving "magic or psychic" branches of paranormal activities is considered the least important section.

They believe in deities and some of the fae types depending on country from but his parents led this together until their untimely death. The secret organization was then handed down to friends of Zeek and Zeek Matthews as the "CEO" of an organization neither muggle nor wizard worlds knows exists or if they do it is unconfirmed or unlocatable. They taught their twins everything and Nancy was more inclined to love the paranormal lores and ghost hunting. Their son Zeek joined the military at a young age due to their fathers upbringing. They respected the twins decision to not go away when the letters arrived.

Personal: Grew up with his twin sister Nancy Matthews. Ever since he was young, he and his twin sister denied the existance of magic. In part they had enough issues dealing with being Luna Blessed Werewolves. The only supernatural things they acknowledge is the existance fof vampires and werewolves. As such he never went to magic schooll. He also has a rarional explaiation for anything magic based occuring around him or because of him. He and his sister had enough on their shoulders and refused. He joined the military at a young age due to his father and quickly rose into the higher ranks.

Was in the military until two weeks after his twentyth birthday. He was under only the Amerian President who was commander in chief. He lead a team of Special Ops and had more than once had tea with English Spies and Undercover agents under the alias he used often. Left the military base six months afterwards when he needed to take care of Zeek. However, he has not officially left the military and most of his military history is black lined or impossible to access.

Was given his three day old nephew, Nate, when his sister and their parents died in a car accident. Has been raising his nephew for six months and still is very active. For a period of time he was bodyguard to an Ulfric and the pack. Who he called sir due to his military background. He saved a man's life, a fellow shapeshifter, by taking a silver dagger to the side from a hunter who abushed the pack on a hunt. He hadn't even been in the pack then and had just traveling nearby. Still has the scar on the front of his left hip. He is no longer in that pack and just travles around.

Zeek inherited a paranormal investigation company and is CEO of a company founded to manage and control vampires and werewolves. It has its hidden main headquarters in Muggle World United States. Other hidden bases are located in England, Russia, Romania, Ireland & Scotland, Asia & Japan, rumored hidden bases in other locations. The wizard world is aware of them and at one point hired them for the eradication of werewolves or vampires who were out of control as the hunting and killing of vampires is deemed illegal.

His buddies Lucas Vandrake (Vampire) and Graceson Ludwig (Human) are his assistants and secondi n commands. However, nothing is known about any of the heads of the secretive and elusive organization. He is free lance mercenary and spends a lot of time protecting his son. As he views him as such more than nephew. His sister's child should not exist and is considered a "dangerous monstrocity" due to the fact he is a hybrid of Luna Blessed Werewolf & dhamphire of vampire. He refuses to allow anyone to kill or touch him

However, due to his twin's death he tries to not use his wolf outside travel as the deep twin link and connection he had with nancy caused the wolfs sanity to die and he cannot control it if he uses it for more than travel. He has times he ends up trying to talk to nancy but then realizes she isn't there.

-Work- (primary and unknown secondary)
Place of Work: Ex-Muggle Military/Freelance Mercenary/Heir Of Secret Organization
Job Position: Freelance Mercenary/ Ex-Special Ops & Undercover Agent (Governmental Spy)
What does it entail: Killing people, information recon, information extortionist, Spy Information gathering, weapons management, hand to hand combat
Why did you take this job?: Because he never intended to leave the military being freelance mercenary means same job less restriction ability to protect Nate as well. Answers to nobody but god and lu

Place of Work: International Investigation Paranormal & Supernatural Creature Control Organization
Job Postion:CEO & Hunter/Slayer
What does it intell:Classified Information
Why did you take this job: Was already working there but inherited the family business.

Special Skills:Speical Ops Skills and Training, Spy Skills, Torture Skills (giving or receiving, Military Arms, Military Combat, Poetry (when inspiration hits), Romance Novels (extremely famous world round), Comedy ~ location famous, Parenting
Other: Has slight OCD.
Is a living more polite Sherlock Holmes who has great people skills.
Was in the military from ages 16-20. Retired at 21. Left military base six months prior to his twenty-first birthday.
Loves kids and is great with them.
Is raising his six month old nephew as his son.
Loves to go running, swimming, and Horseback Riding.
Works out daily.
Can use wolf, body, or tools for fighting and hunting.
Willing to go over and beyond the call of duty for friends or someone special.
Uses his sense of humor to make people laugh when they are sad or angry.
Is a dire wolf.
Has a special carrier on his back for his nephew. This allows him to have fully mobility should need to fight and protect arise.

Wand: (wood, core, length)
*AK-47 ~ was allowed to keep his military grade AK047, is worn over his shoulder and forms an ex that crosses chest with the baby bag
*Nate's Baby Carrier ~ strong baby carrier that fully holds the baby in and can be worn on his chest, back or even on his wolven forms back.
*Protective dome ~ used to cover nate and creates fake yet still useful air for Nate when its over his carrier and could withstand heavy bombing or firearm attacks. It is for Nate's protection when Zeek's on a job
*Nancy's Baby bag ~ is usually worn to form the other half of the x with the AK-47 and contains anything and everything he'd ever need for Nate that is kept replenished by shopping trips so it never runs out. It belonged to his twin and contains formula and blood vials from Nate's father but also some for his own to mix with the milk or formula to satisfy both Nate's hungers.
*various hand guns & ammo
*military grade knife
*First Aide Kit

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Zeek Matthews ~ Luna Blessed Muggle Born Wizard In Denial

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