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 Werewolf Genetic Type II // WWGT

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Theodore Nott


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PostSubject: Werewolf Genetic Type II // WWGT   Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:32 pm


1. Any questions on werewolves will be brought to Duke Lowell.

2. Cannot change a character unless talked about with handler

Example: Wolfy see Tommy and decides to turn him. Tommy doesn't want to be a werewolf. Wolfy cannot change Tommy into a werewolf unless discussing it first with Tommy via PM or chatbox.

3. If you are a student werewolf you will
- Need a to be registered at the Ministry
- Already gotten the go ahead and arranged things with your HoH for full moon days
- If you try and hunt animals on hogwarts grounds beware of the other creatures that might consider it their territory.

Werewolf Genetic Type II or WWGT II

The genetic will only be transferred through conception, two humans with the genetic whether they be Wizard or Muggle can transfer the genetic to their child but it is tempremental enough to decide whether it lays Dormant or not.  For example, if the father passes on the genetic to his child but has had no phase himself and is born to two phasing parents; the child will be able to have the chance of phasing his or herself later on in life. It can also pop up in later generations, for example it will skip two generations but then out of the blue the great, grandchild will phase. The genetic will transform the body if the will of the Wizard or Muggle was strong enough to maintain the ability to understand and work with wolf inside them. It had a temper, it had an opinion and if the person hadn't maintained the ability to control their inner self then they would succumb to the mind of the wolf instead of the human. Alphas were known to kill their own kind in these instances.


  • Extremely fast & Agile
  • Very keen sense of smell, eg. Rain can wash away most traces but is still able to pick up the scent after heavy rainfall.
  • Strong jaw for attacking.
  • Ability to maintain human and wolf brain at the same time.
  • Ability to morph into a wolf at any given time.
  • Cannot succumb to magical curses. While in wolf form.
  • Very loyal, protective and smart.
  • Wolfsbane allows the human to keep hold of the mind


  • Is weakest during the last few minutes of turning, the mind is torn into two and a battle of who remains in charge takes place.
  • Magical curses can affect human form
  • Easily angered, fast to attack even in human form over small disputes.
  • Eyes change color from their human color to their wolf color which is usually red.
  • If of Wizard descent, can use magic like any normal wizard. If Muggle descent, cannot use magic but can see the Wizarding world.
  • Silver will kill either wolf or human form. Allergies persist while in human form, mainly the dead give away if sprinkled with it. Rashes appear and hayfever sympotoms appear.
  • Always allured by the smell of blood, will do anything for a good feed.
  • While easily angered, they are very protective of who they love and are very loyal. Sometimes it can be their biggest downfall.
  • They hate the smell of Lavender and usually avoid it. Sneezing often persists after exposure to it, reasons are unknown.
  • They like chew toys, tennis balls etc.
  • Can act like a domesticated Canine.
  • They randomly have a habit of just acting like a puppy instead of the mature adult they should be when squeaky toys are used.

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Werewolf Genetic Type II // WWGT

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