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 Guide to longer posting

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PostSubject: Guide to longer posting   Guide to longer posting I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2014 8:21 pm

A Simple Guide for ‘Beefing Up’ Short Posts

These are just some simple suggestions to help in situations where you finish a post, look at it, and say ‘crap, that’s really short’ but don’t feel like there’s anything more to add. Maybe something from this list will be a good option.

1: Besides dialogue, use emotions. What are the facial expressions your character is using after talking? What are their eyes doing? Are they sad looking? Bright? are they looking down? At the person? What color are they?

2: Describe the environment. Example: John walked into the Three Broomsticks. He noticed there were a few other witches and wizards around the dark bar. It wasn't loud today. When you add detail of whats around you, you set the scene, give detail to what is around.

3: Describe what your character may be thinking or feeling. EXAMPLE: She couldn't believe he was here with her. After so many years he was looking amazing. He wanted to be with her. How out of so many people would he pick her? She just couldn't believe it Adding this expands your posts.

4: Go crazy with it. Add details on what your wearing, hair color, if your hair is pushed behind your ears after talking, if you lock eyes. These small things make the post longer and better. Every thing listed above helps your friend and rp buddy in your thread have more to write off of. It helps expand and make things more fun when you write. The more detail the better! The longer the posts the better!

Of Course, here are things you want to avoid when doing long posts:

1: Repeating the same things over and over. We don't need to read about your eye color more than once. We saw your hair is brown once we don't need to see that more then once. EXAMPLE: Charlies blue eyes looked at hers. His blue eyes were shining brightly. His blue eyes looked down after a minute.

2: Try not to add pointless things to a post. EXAMPLE Jim laughed at flowers all the time. There were no flowers around. Why is this important to the post?

Another thing we would like to point out is when you are posting in group threads the best thing to do is keep an order for the people posting. If you are torturing a prisoner it is really hard for the prisoner to answer you if you keep posting without them. Sometimes you have to wait a little while for someone to post then just wait. A rule of thumb to use is if they haven’t posted in three days then go ahead and start posting again keeping the same order until it is the missing persons turn again.

As for classroom activities it would be nice to keep a order there as well, but we are aware that sometimes it is not possible, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Also with class you need to be posting being active in the class. Even if you are just sitting there ignoring people and the teacher. There has to be a reason you are doing those things.

Mystic really hated Divination, but her father insisted that she take the class so she drug herself to Professor Saline’s class. Once reaching the classroom she found a desk in the back of the room and read the bored. Mystic noticed that Professor Saline posted an assignment on the board and could not help but sigh, not wanting to do it..

Then when the Professor calls on her to do it you could reply like this:

Mystic could not believe that the professor called on her to answer the question about Tarot Cards. She didn’t even believe in the stupid things so why should she answer, or how could she even come up with an answer. “Professor, I really don’t understand tarot cards, and too be honest I don’t even like the subject.” Mystic knew that the professor was going to ask her why she didn’t like the subject, and she really did not know what she was going to say, maybe she could just fake it.

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Guide to longer posting

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