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 Vampire/Werewolf Codes

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Theodore Nott


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PostSubject: Vampire/Werewolf Codes   Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:54 pm

Please consider and be realistic when filling out certain portions such as your jobs. Consider your age and how much experience the job would need as well as your own.


[b]Full Name:[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Alias:[/b] (Nickname or name you are known by)
[b]Date of Birth:[/b] (month & day)
[b]Creature:[/b] (Vampire, Werewolf)

[b]Strengths:[/b] (at least 3 )
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (at least 3; and MUST be real weaknesses such as a debilitating case of hemophobia. Weaknesses are things that inhibit your character and can be used against them)
[b]Attributes:[/b] (please state the strengths and abilities that come with being your species)
[b]Deficiencies:[/b] (please state the weakness and shortcomings of your species)
[b]Personality:[/b] (at least 50 words)

[b]Biological Father:[/b]
[b]Biological Mother:[/b]
[b]Biological Siblings:[/b]
[b]Children:[/b] (biological or adopted)
[b]Other:[/b] (Pack Leader - Werewolves, Sire and/or Coven Leader - Vampires)

[b]Biological Family:[/b] (please state the history of your mother's side of the family as well as your father's. Must be at least 3 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences per paragraph)
[b]Pack/Coven:[/b] (please state your dynamic in your pack/coven and a brief history of your time with them. Must be at least 6-8 sentences.)
[b]Personal:[/b] (Must be at least 2 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences per paragraph. Please include what you have done since converted to present day)

[b]Place of Work:[/b]  (Where you work Ministry, Hogwarts, Diagon, St. Mungo's etc.)
[b]Job Position:[/b] (Obliviator, Ancient Runes Professor, tailor at Madam Malkins, Healer Trainee, etc)
[b]What does it entail:[/b] (Describe what you do at your work. Alter memories, teach an old fascinating subject, make alterations, etc. )
[b]Why did you take this job?:[/b]

[b]Wand:[/b] (wood, core, length [werewolves])
[b]Drudge's Name(s):[/b] (Vampires)
[b]Other:[/b] (keepsakes, mementos, magical items [please clear any magical item via Myrddin Emrys first] )
[b]Territory:[/b] (Where you hunt/make  home)


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Vampire/Werewolf Codes

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