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 Familiar Information

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Myrddin Emrys



PostSubject: Familiar Information   Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:10 am

To cut down on people applying for animagus status and because we thought it would be neat, we have familiars. Ever wonder what Crookshanks got up to when Hermione was in class? When did he find and begin running with Padfoot? What about Hedwig whom we know is a smarter owl than average. Where did she go and what adventures did she get up to when she wasn't delivering mail? What if she had an adventure when she was on a mail run? And where the heck did Trevor the Toad keep popping off to? We know he has some stories to tell.

To us, the definition of a familiar is an animal that connects with its owner. Its smarter than the average typical pet. The wizard/witch that has a familiar has a connection or bond so that they both can understand one another. Not as human to human using regular speech or even as animal noises back and forth. Its more like how animals can communicate with each other and people of different languages can usually communicate a general gist of something.

This is a trial run and why we are only allowing 5 for now. If it works out we will increase the number but it will always stay a low number.

Rules for applying for being a familiar:
1) Your wizard/witch must be an active player.
2) You cannot be both the familiar and the witch/wizard you are bonded with.
3) You do not have any powers.
4) Research the animal you want to be. Example: Dogs see in black and white and chocolate is BAD for them, like toxic!!
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Familiar Information

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