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 Titus Nott

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Titus Nott


Titus Nott

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PostSubject: Titus Nott   Titus Nott I_icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2014 6:07 pm

Full Name: Titus Luciano Nott
Nickname: Tito (Nonna Noemi & Nonno Lucien)
Date of Birth: February 22d, 2013
Age: 7 & 1/2
Year: 2
Blood Status: Pureblood
Allergies: None

- heights
- sweets
- summer
- scorpians
- the hour he has to practice the violin
- when his parents argue
Pet Peeve(s): Peole who don't treat other people's things with respect
Quirk/Habit: Sleeps with hand over his mouth
Greatest Fear: Inferi (dead people and creatures should stay dead!!!)
Least Liked Class: Etiquette
Least Liked Spell/Charm: Colloshoo - sticking charm (mum used it on him for time out)
What are you the best at?
- Getting underfoot (as his parents would say)
- Entertaining himself
Freetime: Reads and creates his own world to entertain himself
What do you want to be? Curse breaker (he wants to explore)
Who's your hero? Why? Rumplestilstkin // He outwitted people all the time and was funny.
What do you do when told no? Huff and sulk. Sometimes find a way around who told him no.
Your Place: Under grandmum's pianno in their Italian summer home.

Color: Lime Green
Animal: Mishupishu
Toy: A flying carpet his mummy got him (even if it doesn't fly very high)
Food: Mashed potatos
Sweet/Dessert: Pistachio ice cream
Drink: pineapple juice
Spell/Charm: Colovaria - color change charm (Nonno Lucien showed him that one)
Class: Tumbling!
Teacher: N/A
Family Member: Nonna Noemi
Person: His godfather Blaise

Personality:  Imaginative and inquisitive. Doesn't take kindly to being told he's too young or too little. Quiet when with people he doesn't know. Learned to be reserved when inpublic. Very affectionate with his family and loves getting baked sweets from his grandmum. Loves playing games with his grandfather who indulges him.

Paternal Greatgrandfathers:Thaddeus Nott// Emilio Acerbi
Paternal Greatgrandmothers: Imogen Warwick // Gianna D'Amore
Maternal Greatgrandfathers: Ozario Moriarty // Septimus Amante
Maternal Greatgrandmothers: Romilda Tiziano // Lavinia Perelli
Paternal Grandfather: Theodore Nott
Paternal Grandmother: Zita Acerbi
Maternal Grandfather: Lucien Moriarty
Maternal Grandmother: Noemi Amarante
Father: Theodore Nott
Mother: Lucretia Moriarty
Sibling(s): older half sibling he does not know
Godparent(s): Blaise Zabini // Lisa Turpin
Other: None

Mother: Lucretia Moriarty
Father: Theodore Nott

Wand: Maple & dragon heartstring 8 inches
Other: Leather bracelet with a protection and locator charm.

Best Friend:

Sample Post:
The small boy that sat swinging his legs as while eating his toast was going to Diagon Alley today. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal or cause this much excitement. Today was no ordinary boring day. Today, he was to get his very own wand! His mummy and daddy were very sure to tell him all the boring stuff. He would have to take care of, not lose it, and not to mock fight with it. And when he wasn't in school it was to stay in his nightstand drawer. Unless he was using it for homework. But he could finally get one! He was on his way to being a grown up! And his dad also said if he was good he could come to his officd today and even stop by the sweet shop!

When his dad came in he asked, "You finshed then?"

"Yup!" At his father's look he ducked his head. "I mean yes, sir."

Nodding his head, his dad finished tying his tie and Titus made a face when his mum went to straighten it. He someyimes thought his dad did his tie crooked on purposee sometimes. Yup, there it was. His dad smiles that smile and so did his mum before; Titud turned his head and pretended to wretch. His mum laughed while his father cuffed him lightly. "Just wait until it happens to you, son"

"I won't go all gooey!" He replied while his mum demanded he giver a hug and kiss goodbye. Rolling his eyes, Titus gave her a quick hug and peck on the cheek and tried to run for it. No luck. His mum grabbed him and tickled him until he said he'd miss her.

"If we don't shift, we'll be late."

"Bye, baby." Titus waved and said bye to his mum then ran to grab his dad's hand as he stepped into the floo.
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Titus Nott

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