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 Isaac Alkaev

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Isaac Alkaev


Isaac Alkaev

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PostSubject: Isaac Alkaev   Isaac Alkaev I_icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2014 10:13 pm

Full Name: Isaac Ilya Alkaev
Date of Birth: September 24th
Age: 15
Year: 4
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Staus: Half
Allergies: Citrus

Strengths: Self-reliant, adaptable, quick-witted
Weaknesses: Reclusive, Self-absorbed, over-analyzes.
Skills/Talents: Some artistic talent. Multilingual (Russian/English/German/French)
Pet Peeve(s): People who assume and treat him as if he is stupid. People wasting their talent
Quirk/Habit: Wears watch on wrist of same hand he writes with. Blinks before he lies.
Greatest Fear: Going blind which would make him dependant on others.
Best Class: History of Magic
Worst Class: Astronomy (he reeeeaaaally doesn't care for it or see the point.
Best liked Class: Anatomy
Least Liked Class: Arithmancy
Best Liked Spell/Charm: Evanesco
Least Liked Spell/Charm: Obliviate
Freetime: reads, sketches, people watches
Patronus: Hasn't cast a patronus yet

Personality: Isaac is conceited, can be quite callous, a bit of a pessimist, and distant with most people. He's also hardworking and mature (to a degree). Doesn't really get into or go for self pity, it annoys him. Has a jealous streak a mile wide when it comes to people interacting with those that he considers close or his. Doesn't like it when people catch onto his games. Can be subtle when he likes to be.

Paternal Greatgrandfathers:Semyon Alkaev || Borivoj Tereshchenko
Paternal Greatgrandmothers: Jolanta (Yeltsin) Alkaev|| Klavdia (Barsukov) Tereshchenko
Maternal Greatgrandfathers: Uriah Rearden || Leland Devereux
Maternal Greatgrandmothers: Frances (Robinson) Rearden || Patricia (Jones) Devereux
Paternal Grandfather: Vanya Alkaev
Paternal Grandmother: Vavara (Tereshchenko) Alkaev
Maternal Grandfather: Isaac Rearden
Maternal Grandmother: Willow (Devereux) Rearden
Father: Vissarion Alkaev
Mother: Demelza (Rearden) Alkaev
Siblings: Raisa (9months old)
Godparent(s): none
Other: Shiela (Waters) Alkaev - Stepmother

The Reardens and the Devereuxs are English muggles of varying incomes and status. Neither of the families could have ever imagined that they would one day have a wizard in the family. The Reardens are of the Catholic faith while the better off Devereuxs weren't particularly religious after schooling was over. So it had been very surprising that the two families would ever join to produce Demelza. Demelza Rearden lived most of her life in Bradford, West Yorkshire with good grades and a rounded student interested in travel and becoming a teacher. Traveling on a visa, she became enrolled in university in Brussels, Belgium.

The Tereshchenkos have had wizard/witches interspersed through their line. The Alkaevs have always been more or less muggles or muggleborn until the last two generations. Vissarion was born in Murmansk, Russia but as a child smuggled into Belgium with his mother after his father died. He was taught German and forbidden to use Russian unless at home where it would be okay. While there he later learned French when he attended Beauxbatons. To help with his French and because they needed to move again, he and his mother made their new home in Brussels.

Both Demelza and Vissarion grew up during the time total segregation was discussed and initiated. The United Kingdom was the first in Europe to do so. While it hadn't seemed a problem at first, it later became one after Vissarion became interested in Demelza and vice versa. Deciding to be together they moved to the wizarding section of Belgium which was where Isaac was born and raised. It only became a problem when Isaac showed accidental magic. Unable to cope without her family, Demelza wanted to leave and so had all her memories of the magical taken. That included the memories and knowledge of having her son Isaac. While Vissarion moved to Britain, Demelza re-entered the Muggle world and moved to France.

Personal: Isaac was an only child of mixed parentage both magically as well as racial. At home his parents and grandmother would speak a mixture of French, German, and English. His father though not wanting Isaac to forget where his father's people came from taught him Russian. He was too young at the time to know his family was filled with strife and that it was fueled by politics and laws both magically and muggle. When he was around four he saw his mummy crying and that there was a broken glass by her. He had wanted to help make her not be sad and when the glass fixed itself he'd showed her telling her she didn't have to be sad anymore. She hadn't been happy. There was yelling and crying that night then mummy disappeared. It wasn't until later that it was explained to him that his mother had chosen to leave and what that meant legally. Isaac didn't do accidental magic again because of that incident until he was around eight years old.

That was when his father met a halfblood witch whom was shortly married to him. Isaac was not happy and did not like when he was told that Vissarion would have to go ahead to Britain. Isaac lived with his grandmother in Brussles until he was almost ten. That was when his father sent for him and Isaac quickly learned why step-mothers were evil in fairy tales. Shiela did not like Isaac and he didn't believe she hadn't been told of his citrus allergy when giving him lime chicken tacos. His father didn't believe him and when Shiela got pregnant his father believed it to be jealousy. To stay away from his new 'mother' Isaac stays out until curfew preferring to spend his time at St. Mungo's. That was where he made his friend Jace.

Wand: Beech & Hippogriff feather 14 inches
Familiar: none
Other: An old black leather wallet that once belonged to his grandfather.

Friends: Jace Lowell

-I HAVE THE ULTIMATE POWER TO GM JACE LOWELL minus making him play fetch-
Isaac Alkaev Syp4wl
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Isaac Alkaev

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