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 Character Face Claims

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Myrddin Emrys


Myrddin Emrys

PostSubject: Character Face Claims   Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:25 pm

Please use the code provided below to request the celebrity as your face claim. If a name is in red it's because it's unavailable. If you do not put in your request using the code below it will be ignored.

Taken Celebrities
Bean, Sean - William Kingston
Benson, Ashley - Aaliyah Burkov
Booth, Douglas - Cáel Fianna
Chabert, Lacey - Stormie Madison
Coombs, Torrance - Jace Lowell
Cruise, Suri - Talia Nott
Dormer, Natalie - Willow Thornhill
Downey, Robert Jr - Jared Dalton
Facinelli, Peter - Mikhail Novikov
Fiennes, Ralph - Voldemort
Hutcherson, Josh - Duke Lowell
Johnson, Dakota - A.J. Laterman
Kournikova, Anna - Lucretia Moriarty
Lane, Caleb - Zeek Matthews
Menzel, Idina - Ariadne Liddell
Oliveira, Raica - Kristin Caudell
Perry, Katy - Skyler Black
Pettyfer, Alex - Aldan Chaos
Rowe, Charlie - Myrrdin Emrys
Sangster, Thomas - Titus Nott
Schweiger, Til - Wilhelm Peverell
Simm, John - Theodore Nott
Sprouse, Dylan & Cole - Jayson Dalton
Swift, Taylor - Isabelle Lidstrom
Tonkin, Phoebe - Alex Dalgaard
Wise, Jamie - Isaac Alkaev


[code][color=#800080][b]Celebrity Last Name, First Name[/b] - [i]Character Name[/i][/color][/code]

[code][color=#8b9dc3][b]Celebrity Last Name, First Name[/b] - [i]Character Name[/i][/color][/code]


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Character Face Claims

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